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The Best Dance Schools for Adults in Cambridge UK

Ready to put on your dancing shoes and groove to the rhythm in Cambridge?

Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to polish your dance skills, Cambridge offers a number of vibrant dance classes for adults.

We're sharing 6 of our favourite adult dance schools in Cambridge, with information on the kind of dancing they offer, and which might be the best fit for you.

Skip ahead to the dance school of your choice:

Cambridge Swing Dance

Cambridge Swing Dance specialises in the lively and energetic Lindy Hop style. Danced to swing-era jazz from greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and Louis Armstrong, this style is great for people who love jazz and everything vintage.

  • Who Should Join: Those looking for a fantastic social dance experience or dancing to jazz music, while making new friends in a friendly community.

  • Classes: Lindy Hop classes are held on Wednesdays in the city centre.

  • Social dance: Lindy Hop socials every Tuesday in the city centre with a drop-in class intended for absolute beginners.

  • Location: Multiple venues around the city centre

Bodywork Company

Image from the Bodywork website

Being founded in 1981, Bodywork is an established dance school with a wide variety of dance and fitness classes for adults to choose from. Whether you’re interested in Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, or something else, Bodyworks has a class for you.

  • Who Should Join: Adults interested in exploring a wide variety of dance styles in a school that specialises in teaching

  • Classes: Various classes spread across the week on their timetable

  • Location: 25-29 Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA

Flex Studios

Flex Studios offers a diverse range of dance styles, from contemporary to hip-hop. Classes are designed for all skill levels, ensuring everyone can find their groove.

  • Website: Flex Studios

  • Who Should Join: Dance enthusiasts seeking variety and a welcoming community.

  • Classes: A number of classes spread across their week. Check their timetable.

  • Location: 14 Hanover Court, George IV St, Cambridge, CB2 1JH

Cambridge Dancers Club

This club is a haven for social dancers, offering a number of dance styles, including Ballroom, Latin, and Salsa. They host regular social dances and offer classes for dancers of all levels.

  • Who Should Join: Individuals who want to learn classic dance styles and participate in social dancing events.

  • Classes: Various classes held at their club location. Check their timetable for details.

  • Location: Multiple venues around the city centre

Sweat Dance Fitness

Image from the Sweat Dance Fitness website

Sweat Dance Fitness gives dancers the perfect blend of dance and fitness. Offering a wide variety of classes like Zumba and hip-hop, it's an ideal choice for those who want to stay fit while having a blast.

  • Who Should Join: Fitness enthusiasts and anyone who wants a dynamic workout with a dance twist.

  • Classes: Visit their website for class schedules and locations.

  • Location: Multiple venues around the city centre

Club Salsa Cambridge

Image from the Club Salsa website

If you have a passion for salsa or love , Club Salsa Cambridge is the place to be. They offer salsa classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced dancers.

  • Who Should Join: Anyone who wants to add some Latin flair to their life.

  • Classes: Weekly classes held on Monday. Visit their website for details.

  • Location: Multiple venues around the city centre. Check their website for details.

Find your dance school in Cambridge

This list is not comprehensive, and there are so many other places to dance in Cambridge. Use Google Maps or run a Google search to find other dance schools that may tickle your fancy.



Cambridge is a city that truly knows how to dance! Whether you're into Lindy Hop, contemporary, salsa, or just looking to have fun and get fit, there's a dance school for you. Explore these fantastic options, connect with fellow dancers, and let the music move you.

Remember to visit the respective websites or Facebook pages for each school to get more information on class schedules and enrolment.

So, put on those dancing shoes and let the rhythm of Cambridge sweep you off your feet! 🕺💃🎶

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