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 Cambridge Swing Dance 

Ticket Booking Terms and Conditions,

advice and other useful information

This is a quick run-down of booking terms for Cambridge Swing Dance C.I.C. (CSD) classes, social dances, workshops and other events.  This includes events promoted under the banner of Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, Balboa in Cambridge, Cambridge Shag College, Blues Dance Cambridge or Cambridge Solo.

Remember CSD events are organised and run by volunteers who give their time freely to provide workshops and dances for the dance community.  They are run on very tight budgets to keep the costs down for all.

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Fill in the booking form as specified on the website for the event.

Please answer all questions on the form, ensure your email is correct or you may miss your booking confirmation information.  Note that booking confirmation emails may occasionally be sent to junk or spam folders. 

Where there is a workshop level please answer the questions honestly, be considerate of the other participants and do not over state your level.

We're a small voluntary group which isn't set up to provide safeguarding for children, so unfortunately people under 18 years old can't dance at our classes and events.

Booking with a partner

If booking with a partner is an option for that event, partners must be made up of one person as a lead and the other as a follow, and should not switch roles during a class (unless instructed to do so as part of the class!) Where the event is a workshop with defined levels you must register with someone attending at the same level.

Waiting Lists

Where there are more bookings than places we may have to operate a waiting list for the event.  When places are cancelled we may contact those on the waiting list and offer them a place.  Please check your email for offers of a place should one become available, we are unable to hold offers open indefinitely.

Please wait for email confirmation of your place before making payment, booking travel or accommodation.


Payments should be made as specified in the event information.  Your place at an event is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

Cheques are not accepted in the post or handed over in person. 

We are unable to accept any payments in cash at any event or class for any reason.  We can accept payments for classes and social dances by card, if places are available.  For events and workshops, payments should be made using the booking system if possible, but payment by card can be arranged if necessary.

If you are unable to make payment using the booking system for an event, or have any other booking queries, please contact

cancellations and transfers

If you are unable to attend an event for any reason, including having a positive COVID-19 test, please email

For weekday classes, it is not possible to transfer any tickets / places to another person.  

For weekend workshops and events, if you can no longer attend:

  • If we are running a waiting list for that event, we will give preference to the people at the top of the list.​ Contact us in the first instance so we can offer the place to those people and refund you.

  • Otherwise, you can sell your ticket (for example on the Facebook event) and let us know, subject to these conditions:

    • You do not charge the other person more than the price you paid for the ticket (but you can charge less)

    • The other person is attending in the same role (i.e. lead to a lead, follow to a follow)

    • It is not within 24 hours of the start of the event

    • Where there is a workshop of a minimum level, the other person must meet that level. CSD organisers must be satisfied of this.

    • All necessary information of the person the place is transferred to is provided to CSD (e.g. Name, contact details, etc.) at least 24 hours before the event start so we may update our records.

    • In all cases CSD organisers may refuse to transfer the place at their discretion.


We try to offer refunds for cancellations where possible, subject to the following conditions:

  • Refunds will only be made to the person who purchased the ticket, or the current ticket owner if the ticket has been transferred.

  • CSD may refuse refunds at our discretion if we believe our refund option is being used as a means to reserve or hold tickets, rather than being unable to attend an event unexpectedly.

  • No refunds will be made in cash under any circumstances.

  • No refunds are possible for certain extras ordered, e.g. T-Shirts, meals, etc.  if they have already been ordered from our suppliers.

Data Collection

Cambridge Swing Dance C.I.C. is committed to compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679. Our full privacy policy can be found here: CSD Privacy Policy (PDF)


Data collected during the process of registration for an Event will only be used in relation to that particular event, and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason. We will not hold any registration data longer than necessary.

Our Events may be filmed or recorded without prior notice being given.  


By attending Events, you grant permission to the Cambridge Swing Dance C.I.C., and others associated with the Event including official photographers to use your image, likeness or sounds in any audio, video or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction of the Event (regardless of whether during or after the Event) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium now known or hereafter developed, and without further authorisation required from, or compensation payable to, you.


Notwithstanding the above, we will not intentionally use any such material that portrays anyone in a defamatory way, and where applicable we will seek express permission to use specific images in any publicity or training material in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of Liability

Where an event is cancelled due to the non-availability of a major part of the event (such as a venue, or a teaching couple being unavailable where they are the main focus of the event) we will consider making a full or partial refund after accounting for any expenses we may be liable for or are unable to recover e.g. (other) teachers, travel costs, venues, bands, equipment hire etc.

We will not be liable where the event proceeds but a minor part of the event changes (i.e. a band line up changes for a social dance attached to a workshop).

CSD shall not be liable for any additional expenses or inconveniences you may have incurred due to event changes or cancellations.

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