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Will Be Back in 2024. Stay Tuned for details!

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Cambridge, a small group of dancers sat in the local pub. They had gathered because they heard the cries of their dancing community: "Bring us the best bands and parties you can!" So they put their heads together and cooked up a plan. They sent a messenger called Geemail and told them not to return until they found the best musicians around the globe. Geemail did not disappoint. "I hereby present you with the most brilliant bands I could find: the Hot Swing Sextet and Corina Kwami and the Swing Selection, not to mention Django's Tiger!" The dancers were elated. They cheered and hopped around for joy and could not wait to share the news with the rest of the dancing community.


Live music

4 socials

Taster lessons



Friendly Cambridge faces

Weekend tickets: £95 - SOLD OUT

As we get closer to CLX, the Facebook event will attract comments from scammers claiming to have tickets to sell. We'll delete their comments as we see them but Facebook doesn't make it easy to keep on top of them. Don't send them any money. We are now fully sold out and cannot accept transfers.

Sunday tea dance: £15

Pay by card/contactless, on the door.


You can also join us in the pub on Sunday evening, as the space is just a corner of a large pub.

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