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26-28 January 2024


Join us for Cambridge's first Balboa and Shag Festival in January 2024. Featuring 6 wonderful teachers, 4 socials, 8 hours of classes, tasters, live music and all the fast music we can offer to dance away those January blues...

We will have parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and two days of classes, including the option to take classes in just Balboa, just Collegiate Shag, or a few of each dance to ensure you can improve your skills how you want to.

We want to make sure that you can get to know your fellow fast dancers, so on Sunday we invite you to join us for Bal (and shag) Brunch, where you can enjoy brunch together and have a few dances.

Take a look at our teachers


Bands, classes, timetable...

More details coming soon.


Tickets will be released in late October 2023.

Social Passes

Limited social passes will be available to buy, and will include access to our 4 socials.

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