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26-28 January 2024


Join us for Cambridge's first Balboa and Shag Festival in January 2024. Featuring 7 wonderful teachers, 4 socials, 8 hours of classes, a taster, 3 socials with live bands and all the fast music we can offer to dance away those January blues...

We will have parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and two packed days of classes. You can choose to take classes in just Balboa, just Collegiate Shag, or a few of each to really expand your fast dancing repertoire!

Come and get to know your fellow fast dancers, on Sunday at our Brunch (prebooking required as there are 60 tickets), where you can enjoy good coffee, great food, and warm up for your second day of classes with a few dances.

Take a look at our:


All of Friday and Saturday, socials and classes, will be held at Storey's Field Centre in Eddington, Sunday will be held at mixed locations in the centre of town, with classes at St Paul's Church, Hills Road.


Full weekend tickets cost £115, social passes for the whole weekend cost £45, and individual social tickets to the Friday and Saturday cost £15 each.


We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities to dance and learn, no matter your financial situation. To that end, we are offering some discounted passes (25% off) to this event for those who otherwise would be unable to afford to attend. The code is published on the ticket purchasing page. Please email fwith any questions on these passes.


Classes will start with fundamentals on Saturday morning, followed by themed classes for the rest of the weekend. When you buy a ticket, you will be asked for your choice of fundamentals class only (Balboa or Shag; leader or follower) and you will be assigned to this class.


Once you fill in this form, we will provide you with a personalised timetable for the themed classes, aiming as much as possible to match your preferences, while considering class sizes and lead/follow balance. If you have a strong preference please feel free to add comments on the form and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  Equally, if you’re flexible with your choices, for example you’re happy to take a class in either lead/follow role, please include this in the comments section too.


Please fill in the form by the 5th January.


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