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Access to Dance

We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities to dance and learn, no matter your financial situation. To that end, we offer free or discounted access to our classes and events for those who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend.

Drop-in classes


For each of our weekly classes and socials on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays where you'd usually pay on the door, we offer a number of passes, enabling anyone who would otherwise be unable to afford it to attend for free.  

There are a fixed number of passes available each night. These are given out first come, first served. Typically they're not all used. To make use of one, just ask the door volunteer. You don’t need to explain your situation, no questions will be asked. The door volunteers will be keeping track of how many passes are used with our payment app, but this won't be associated with your name.


If you can spare the time, our door volunteers at the weekly classes also get free classes. See our FAQ for details.

Pre-booked courses and events

For the Shall We Dance? courses and for our weekend events like CLX and Swing Sanctuary, we'll offer a discounted price via a coupon code on the booking form, which we'll advertise on the event page. Again, there'll be a fixed number of coupons available, but typically these will not all be used.

Contact CSD

To discuss any Access to Dance issues, please contact the Safer Spaces and Equality officers. You can speak with any of them (they're pictured with a safety pin on the committee page) or email This email address is read by a smaller group than the committee as a whole and correspondance will be kept confidential to that group.

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