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Tuesdays -  The Grain & Hop Hop


@The Grain & Hop Store, Regent Street, Cambridge 

See "getting there", below, for directions and parking information.

7.15 pm Doors open
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Drop-in Lindy Hop class (beginners welcome!)

8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

The Grain & Hop Hop: Social dancing! Try out your moves and dance to music from our DJs or a live band

Cost: £7 per person£8 if there's a live band

Pay by card/contactless on the door. Access to Dance passes are available for those in financial difficulty.

​​Please do not attend if you have COVID or cold/flu symptoms.

Do not consume food or drink which wasn't bought from the pub. (More on that below.)

Join us!

  • The drop-in class starts from the beginning each week and teaches you enough to try out social dancing. We'll usually throw in something new for more experienced dancers too!

  • There’s no need to bring a partner: we rotate partners during the lesson, and during the social people ask each other to dance. However, if you bring a partner you want to stay with rather than rotating, that’s also fine.

  • We don't have exclusive use of the venue, which is a working pub, so the usual rules of a pub apply:

    • The pub serves food (and drink!) You must not consume food or drink which wasn't bought from the pub. Doing so puts our use of the venue at risk.

      • If you see someone you suspect is doing this, please tell the door volunteer or any CSD committee members who're there. You may be saving us from losing the venue!

      • Water is freely available on the upstairs bar.​ If you bring a water bottle for that, do not leave it in the venue.

    • If you look under 18, you'll need ID to stay after 8.00 pm, after which no children are allowed in the pub.

    • If there are problems which only the bar staff can fix, please ask the door volunteer or any of the CSD committee or teachers who're there, so they can co-ordinate this. Please refrain from going directly to the bar staff yourself, as they otherwise have to cope with multiple people telling them the water's run out or the lights are too bright.​


See our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

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Getting there
Getting there

You can enter the pub either from Regent Street or from Regent Terrace, off Parker's Piece. We're upstairs.

There are cycle stands nearby on Regent Street and at the southern and western corners of Parker's Piece. Securing your bike to the wooden fence of Parker's Piece is also an option.

For car parking, the single yellow line on Regent Terrace allows car parking from 6.30 pm. Note that there are some Residents Only bays which apply til 8pm, and that one side of the street is double yellows. The street is narrow, but there is a turning area at the far end. 

For slightly easier parking, the roads around Gresham Road have free parking in the evenings. Check the signage, as the start time varies and there are Residents Only bays which typically apply til 8 pm.

The nearest off street parking is Queen Anne Terrace. Check the council's site for pricing and number of available spaces.

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