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List of Adult Dance Schools in Cambridge, UK

A class of dance students with a teacher in the centre. The students are spread in a circle around the teacher and trying to learn a dance step.

Looking to find the perfect school to groove, learn, and have a blast on the dance floor in Cambridge? You're in the right place.

Cambridge has a vibrant dance scene, with a variety of adult dance schools to cater to your every rhythm and style. Whether you're into social dances, dancing solo, or dancing to get fit, we've got you covered.

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Social Dance Focussed Adult Dance Schools:

Two people dancing together in a social dance. There is also a couple behind them dancing, but out of focus.
Image from a social dance class at Cambridge Swing Dance

Social dancing is all about connecting with others through the joy of dance. Here are some of the top adult dance schools in Cambridge focussed on social dancing, and the style of dance they teach.

School Name

Style of Dance

Website link

Aspire Dancesport

Ballroom, Latin, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-cha-cha, and more

Cambridge Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa

Cambridge Swing Dance

Swing, Lindy Hop, Blues, Collegiate Shag

Club Salsa


Leandro Charanga

Salsa, Bachata

Simply Tango


Zouk Cambridge

Brazilian Zouk

Solo Dance Focussed Adult Dance Schools:

Black and white photo of 4 female dancers dancing solo to a contemporary style of dancing. They are repeating the same step with their arms outstretched and facing the same direction.

Solo dance is perfect for those who want to explore a particular style of dancing which encourages more personal forms of expression.

School Name

Style of Dance

Website link

Bodywork Company

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Commercial, Tap

Bolly Bhangra Fit

Bollywood, Bhangra

Cambridge Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Cambridge Spanish Dance School

Flamenco, Danza, Sevillanas

Colours of Dance

Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Street Dance, and more

Eden Dance


Formations Dance

​Ballet, Tap


Bharatnatyam, Bollywood

Sweat! Dance & Fitness

A variety of Dance Fitness classes

The Jandor School of Dancing

Theatre, Jazz, Lyrical


No matter your dance aspirations, there’s a school to help you find your groove.

Remember to check the school websites or get in touch for class schedules, pricing, and any special requirements.

See you on the dance floor!


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