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Swing Sanctuary 2023

Workshop Levels

Please be honest with us and yourself when selecting your level.  If you’re not sure whether you’re at this level, please get in touch and ask!


Elm Level

You've been dancing regularly for at least a year. You can confidently do the basics such as swing outs, Charleston and tandem and you are comfortable mixing these within a dance. You want to improve your repertoire of classic moves through some new movements that can give you a different point of view of the dance. You understand the structure of swing music and you are exploring musicality and solo jazz. You feel most comfortable dancing to medium tempo music but you may still finding dancing to faster or very slow tempos a challenge. You dance socially on a regular basis and you’re motivated to learn more to become a better social dancer.

Birch Level

You already have at least 3-4 years of swing dancing experience and you’re probably taking part in many festivals and dance camps in your country and around the world. You might be competing, performing and/or teaching local classes. You have a good understanding of rhythm, syncopations and you have a strong connection with the music. You also know many Solo Jazz elements and can easily put them into your partner dance. Extreme tempos are not a problem for you and you are able to dance freely with every partner, to any music. You have solid floorcraft skills and understanding of what partnership means in a dance. You do a lot of social dancing and you’ve probably learned some other dances as well like blues, balboa or shag.





Friday: The Last Chance Ragtime Band

Saturday: Duncan Hemstock and His All Stars

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