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Izzy and Louis

Izzy and Louis met at a London social, bonded over their love of Balboa and have been partnered up ever since!

Having competed in the UK and abroad, they are determined to spread their enthusiasm and love of balboa to the masses and are committed to help grow and nurture the London scene.

Izzy has been dancing since she was 3, having done jazz, tap and ballet before stumbling across Lindy hop at a jazz concert. Learning swing dancing in Australia, she moved to London with a passion for Balboa, Shag and Lindy and is determined for the various scenes to become more intertwined.

After a fortuitous injury, Louis decided to try out swing dancing classes to help him recover. He instantly fell in love with swing and hasn't looked back. After spending 5 years learning and traveling to dance the Lindy Hop, the Balboa caught Louis' eye and what started out as a curiosity quickly turned into a passion. One night while social dancing in London, Louis met Isabella and with her help and inspiration he committed himself to learning this magical dance!

You can follow along with their antics on Instagram at @izzyandlouis and find out more about Balboa in London via

Izzy and Louis

Nicky and Jim

Based in Gloucestershire, UK, Jim and Nicky have been on the national/International swing dance circuit for more years than they care to remember. They have taught, performed, judged and choreographed at National & International Shag dance camps and are experienced at teaching at all levels, teaching and promoting Collegiate Shag, they also teach Lindy Hop, Soul Lindy and Charleston Fitness.


They are known for their fun and relaxed style of teaching with classes being clear and concise with their love of musicality shining through. When they are not teaching at dance camps they teach regular weekly classes in Gloucestershire and draw students from all parts of the country which has created a blooming scene in the UK. They are also the co-founders of the Swing Fastival Dance camp. Find out more via


Immy started swing dancing in 2016, and teaching in 2018, and finds the more she learns, the more she wants to learn and share. She leads and follows Lindy Hop, St Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag, Balboa. She loves incorporating solo jazz, musicality and dance conversations into her dances, and is always happy to talk about switching roles, hijacks, stealing, dips, tricks, and aerials. As a teacher, her aim is to help everyone feel comfortable and confident in their dancing as they explore, and find their voices and the connection in every dance.


Immy has taugh at workshops across the UK. She loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for fast dancing, being the first on the dancefloor at a social, and getting to know other dance communities.

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