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See our FAQ and map for venue and transport information

Check the Facebook event for live announcements


Friday Night

"Represent your Scene"


the Hot Swing Sextet

Wear your scene's stash (or just whatever you like).

7 pm - midnight

@Storey's Field Centre



Saturday morning

If you're awake at 9 am, there's a 5 km parkrun on Storey's Field, right behind our main venue. 

You can walk, jog or run: parkrun is open to all. Wear a swing dance shirt so we can find each other for coffee and cake after. Don't forget your barcode!

8:45 am for a 9 am-ish start

@Storey's Field

Saturday daytime


Socialising, board games, taster classes and a musical jam session.

11 am - 4:30 pm

@St Philip's Church, Mill Road


Switching with Andi and Immy

Everyone's welcome, from those who've never tried switching before and would like to try dancing the other role, to switching veterans!
11 am - noon

Slow Bal with Izzy and Louis

Izzy and Louis are joining us from the London Balboa Collective to share their love of Slow Balboa, a dance that combines the partner connection of Balboa with gorgeous slower jazz and blues music. They will give you a taste of what makes this dance so great and how to explore it on the social dancefloor (and it might even help for the Saturday afterparty). 

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Hip Hop with Marius

Learn about Locking & Popping, dance styles that became integral part of hip-hop dancing. Time travel back to the era of Soul Train, Electric Boogaloos, and funk music. Be prepared to Scooby Doo and do the Fresno!

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Jazz Jam session

Come and play, or come and dance. Bring your instruments! There will be a keyboard, guitars, microphone, and some music available.

More details here.

3 pm - 4.30 pm

Saturday Night

Once Upon a Time


the Hot Swing Sextet

 Come dressed according to our theme! (But don't worry if costumes aren't your thing - it's not compulsory!)

7.30 pm - midnight

@Storey's Field Centre


Saturday afterparty


Dr Burns

Silent disco (featuring Disco, Funk, Northern Soul, Big Cheese, 80s classics and Blues) til 3am

Including a live Blues set directly to your headphones by Dr Burns.

Non-drivers: a sign up sheet for getting lifts to the late night venue is on the front desk at the Saturday night party at Storey's FIeld.

Drivers: Park for free in the Newmarket Road Park and Ride and walk through to the Centre on the footpath by the roundabout at the car park entrace (see our map). Don't park in Marleigh as the late night noise may cause complaints.

12:30 am - 3 am

@Marleigh Community Centre


Sunday Tea Dance


Corina Kwami and the Swing Selection

Bakers: we need you! Bring a cake! If you can make a note of the ingredients to put beside it for people with allergies, that'd be great.

Tea dance tickets:

If you don't have a weekend ticket, you can pay £15 card/contactless on the door.

Noon to 4 pm

@Storey's Field Centre


Sunday Pub and Dancing


Django's Tiger

We'll have a corner of the pub. The pub serves food


We'll clear a small dancing space, if you've got any energy left! Balboa and shag are popular choices.

4 pm til the pubs chuck out

@The Old Spring

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