Swing Sanctuary 2020

Workshop Levels

Please be honest with us and yourself when selecting your level.  If you’re not sure whether you’re at this level, please get in touch and ask!  There is likely to be auditions so there is a possibility you might be moved up or down a level,but please don’t panic about this!  We truly trust and  teacher’s opinions as well as their knowledge in this case and we kindly ask our participants to do the same.

 Level 1: Intermediate


You are comfortable leading / following both six and eight count and are regularly going social dancing.  You know and can connect fundamental moves like swing outs, circles, side-by-side/hand-to-hand/tandem Charleston, with the odd variation. You’ve got the Lindy Hop bug and are keen to improve your technique and repertoire. In this level you will build up your lead and follow techniques, musicality, learn classic moves as well as new material and improve your styling.

 Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced


You can confidently dance all the basic patterns mentioned for the Intermediate level and also variations. Moves are performed without hesitation, when people watch you dance they can see you’re dancing to the music.  You will already have been attending international workshops at this level.  There will be a lot of new material and different tempos to expand and improve your dictionary of moves and technique.

Level 3: Advanced


You are at home dancing with any partner to any style or speed of swing music. You have been dancing more years than you can remember and have a wide repertoire of moves to which you’re happy to add a number of different variations. You can lead/follow variations in the rhythm, play with musicality and are comfortable changing the tempo of your dancing. You regularly introduce improvisations into your dancing and are developing your own personal Lindy Hop style.  You will already be attending national and international workshops at this level. Here the teaching pace will be quicker, you are keen to be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone, which is great as that’s what we expect to happen at this level.