Wednesdays- Solo Jazz Indoors


@ St Paul's


After the success of our outdoor solo dance sessions, we are continuing by moving indoors. To keep everyone safe please follow our Covid-19 rules. 


*There will be no on the day walk in spaces.*

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Cost: £8

Payment via Paypal after a successful registration

**Please do not attend if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been told to isolate**

Join us!
  • A socially distanced chance to grab your swing dancing fix and support the scene

  • Our solo classes will vary each week, you might; learn a routine, learn some solo moves, try something blues related or trial some ideas for creativity and musicality, the possibilities are endless so keep your eyes peeled for the teacher's lesson blurb.

  • Please inform committee if you feel you should have a specific risk assessment for your needs due to covid-19 risks.

Please follow these rules: 
  • Please arrive wearing a FACE COVERING and only remove when you are in your designated space. Face covering to be worn when moving around the venue (i.e toilets)

  • HAND SANITIZER is available to use before and after session

  • Please make sure you are SOCIAL DISTANCING from others, including committee member you are signing in with. You must sign in before taking part in the class, there may be a queue.

  • CSD has a code of conduct which reinforces social distancing before, during and after CSD classes and other promoted activities. Please make sure you read through this before attending.

  • Updated docs: