Getting back into the swing of partner dancing

Cambridge Swing Dance (CSD) plans to take a gradual and measured approach to bringing back partner dancing. This is based on the feedback from our community survey and ongoing government guidance.


To begin with, from September we will be offering a weekly, all levels, fixed partner class. This will be a class only, with no class rotations and no social dancing. 

During October we will be offering a social dance after two of the classes in the month (see Thursday classes). This will be 15 minutes after the end of the class to allow those not wishing to participate in the social dance adequate time and space to leave. If you are arriving for the social only please allow time for class to end and people to leave if they so wish before entering the venue.

There will be a limit of 40 participants for these social dance events. If you attend the class your ticket will also include the social dance if you wish to attend. If you would like to attend the social you must pre-book your place on the website. 


There will be no on the door admissions at this time.


We will then reassess the situation after these introductory social dance events after monitoring various factors relating to covid safety, including but not limited to:

  • Air quality with increased participants by using venue CO2 monitor 

  • Rates of infection after the socials (have they increased within our community?)

  • Government guidelines in regards to winter action plan and local rates

We will keep our code of conduct in place, asking people to wear face coverings where possible in their non designated dance areas, particularly in the foyer and bathrooms, and to be vigilant with hand washing. This is a venue requirement.

Fixed partners:
  • Your fixed partner is for one week at a time. 

  • Sign up on the website and name your partner when booking. 

  • You will pay separately.

  • Please try to arrive for class together for the ease of our door volunteers.


Help I don't have a partner!

Don't worry we have set up a Facebook group for people to find a weekly dance partner!


If you aren't on Facebook and would like assistance with finding a partner, please email


If you are looking for a partner to sign up with, you can post "lonely hearts" style for example:


"I am a follower, looking for a lead to join me on 9/9/21."

People can then contact you in the comments/message and you can then make arrangements and book.

Once you have found a partner please remove or edit your post to say 'found'.

You can also browse other 'adverts'.

This partner can change the following week.


  • If you develop symptoms please do not attend class but do contact the committee and your fixed partner as soon as you can.

  • We strongly encourage the use of regular lateral flow testing.

  • We are not gathering vaccination status information, however we are aware that younger participants will not have had the opportunity to have their 2nd vaccine if they would like it, hence one of our reasons for taking a slower return approach.

  • If you test positive for covid-19 after the class then please contact the committee and your partner as soon as possible so they can get a PCR test. 

  • If you test positive after attending the social, please inform committee and we will inform all attendees and advise a PCR test, ensuring the individual is not named at any point.


Travel to and from classes / socials 
  • There is very limited parking near both of the venues we are using for classes, particularly around St Phillips Church.  We recommend travelling on foot, by bicycle, or using a hire e-scooter if possible.  This also helps to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Please wash/sanitise your hands before and after your journey.  If using public transport, check whether any measures to reduce transmission of covid-19 are in place, and make sure you have a mask, sanitiser and any other required items with you.


*Please note that although we are working very hard to keep things as safe as possible, by attending these sessions you are increasing your risk of contracting covid-19. We hope that by making all this information available to you, you are able to make an informed choice. If you are vulnerable or feel you need a separate risk assessment in order to participate, please email


We understand that during this transition period, there may be a range of different comfort levels of participants. If you attend the social dance please be aware that people may be choosing to dance with limited numbers of people/on their own. If you ask someone to dance and they reply "no thank you" please remember not to take this as a negative experience. We encourage everyone to remind themselves of our safer spaces policy here.

If you have any concerns please chat with a member of committee or email