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Getting back into the swing of partner dancing

Because dancing involves close contact with other people and increased breathing rate, it increases the risk that someone who has the virus which causes COVID-19 will transmit it to other people. However, dancing is fun, social, and provides physical and mental health benefits. We’ve missed it hugely during the pandemic and are very happy to be back dancing with each other again.


Now that the easing of government restrictions allows us to partner dance, we’re all responsible for judging our own individual risks and benefits, and for caring for others. Cambridge Swing Dance has a few guidelines which we ask everyone to follow to reduce their risk of passing on the virus.

Our guidelines
  • If you have COVID symptoms or receive a positive test result, do not attend our classes or events.

  • If you are able, please take a lateral flow test on the day of any class or event you attend.

  • If you test positive after attending a class or event, please contact us. We will inform the other attendees without naming you.

  • We don’t require you to wear a face covering (mask) in our dance spaces, though you’re welcome to do so. However, please bring one and obey any signs in our venues requiring face coverings in shared areas (such as entrance areas or toilets), or requiring you to use hand sanitizer.

  • If you attend a social dance, as always, it’s fine for someone to decline a dance for any reason.

  • In our lessons, there’s no need to bring a partner as we rotate partners during the lesson. However, if you bring a partner you want to stay with rather than rotating, that’s also fine.

Contacting us

To contact us, email

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