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Meet the CSD Committee

Committee Profiles:

Dorka Nemes

As well as receiving a named role, you'll be expected to help with our events, do the door every now and then, and attend a monthly meeting (there's usually food!). If you feel like this is a way you want to give back to the community get in touch at info(a)cambridgeswingdance.com

We're looking for another member to join the committee!

We need you!


After walking into the Hideaway Hop on my own one Tuesday in November, I got an extreme case of the Lindy Hop bug. Two years on, I find myself more addicted than ever! I love taking advantage of the wide range of styles offered by Cambridge Swing Dance on the social floor, and dancing with as many of you lovely people as possible! I applied to be on committee because I wanted to be a part of the volunteer team who give back to the members, and help to support the community that I have fallen in love with so much.

My roles on the committee are venues co-ordinator, social secretary and vice chair, meaning my life will now consist of shuffling on floors wherever I go, contemplating their suitability for dancing, shouting about our wonderful friendly scene from the rooftops, and helping to deliver the vision of Cambridge Swing Dance going forwards, all while squeezing in as much social dancing as possible! 

Vice president, venues co-ordinator, social secretary

Charlotte Greeno


I started dancing about 3 years ago when I began working in Cambridge, with little prior dance experience, but looking for good way to meet people, get some exercise and most importantly have fun. It certainly worked; these days I’m at dance classes or events at least two or three times a week! I am currently the treasurer for Cambridge Swing Dance, so I try to keep our finances in order to ensure we can continue to put on great events for our dance community.


Paul Wilson 

lauren m.jpg

I am the Blues secretary and responsible for the running of the Blues dance scene in Cambridge, under the CSD umbrella. You'll find me at the Emperor eating tapas and dancing Blues every Monday night. I organise the weekly classes, additional Blues events, and am a general point of contact for the Blues community and other scenes at Cambridge Swing Dance.

Blues Secretary

Lauren Moore


As Balboa secretary, I'm responsible for organising Balboa events, including classes, socials, and maybe the odd workshop. Come and talk to me about anything Balboa related, and let me know if there's anything you want from your local Balboa scene that we're not doing.

As technical officer, I'm responsible for keeping track of CSD's technical kit, such as speakers, mixers, and lights, and making sure that these are all well maintained. Ask me if you've got any questions about kit, and let me know if you think something needs attention.

Balboa Secretary and technical officer

Arthur Lancelyn Green 

I have been dancing for a number of years, and truly enjoy swing dancing and the great scene we have in Cambridge. Currently I am responsible for organising door volunteers and DJs for Tuesday and Wednesday night events, as well as being a safety officer and ensuring that CSD events follow our safe spaces policy. You'll find me at most Tuesdays if you want to chat about anything!

Volunteer and DJ co-ordinator, and safety officer

Gary Beardmore


I'm very excited to take over the role of chairing the Cambridge Swing Dance Committee and I'm looking forward to further building our lovely and colourful scene. I've been on the committee for a few years now and enjoyed organising many events for our dancers. Don't ask me how long I have been dancing for - unlike every other passionate hopper, I have absolutely no clue when my lindyversary is! :( If my first CLX is anything to go by, it will be 5 years in September. All I remember is that I went home after my first class thinking "What have I been doing with my life before?!" I certainly caught the dancing bug straight away and have since attended numerous workshops and dances. Although I'm primarily a Lindy Hopper, I have also tried Balboa, Shag, and Blues, and can be persuaded to dance any of them on the social floor (albeit not very well). So please find me for a dance no matter how long you've been dancing for or what your preferred style is!

Apart from trying to co-ordinate the whole committee, my roles will also include booking bands and teachers for our main events (CLX and Swing Sanctuary), as well as sharing out the role of social secretary and events promotion. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments about anything CSD related, you can usually find me on the dancefloor at the Hideaway Hop on Tuesdays, or email me.

I look forward to giving back to the community which has already given me so much!

President, bands and teachers

co-ordinator, social secretary

Dorka Nemes


I hold the position of Secretary, responsible for taking committee meeting minutes, managing our actions for follow up, and managing memberships and mailing lists. I also take care of the Tuesday lineup of bands, keeping live music a regular part of the dance scene. I have also been creating the event t-shirt designs for the last few years, which has been good fun!

I started dancing Lindy Hop quite a few years ago, and quickly became drawn into Blues, then Balboa and then Shag. They're all good fun, and my favourite style tends to change depending on the night! It's great to be able to support such a vibrant scene here in Cambridge and help us continue to provide regular classes, socials and special dance events.


Katy Skinner 


I am the resident graphic designer for Cambridge Swing Dance, and I have been dancing for over 3 years. I love Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Balboa, but I always enjoy dancing Collegiate Shag, and Blues too. Designing graphics for Cambridge Swing Dance is a great privilege and I try and make my designs as vibrant as our members. My other role extends to caring for the welfare and safety of our members, so please approach me if you have any concerns at all or would just like a chat!

Graphic Designer, and Safety Officer

Lauren Holman

I found swing dancing in 2013 whilst living in Australia. I got on the social floor 9 months later ( albeit nervously) and never left. Will dance fast, slow, solo, lead or follow. Swing dancing to me is so important in this modern high tech world where we have lost a human element to everyday life. Spending time connected to others by music and touch brings us all together. Being part of the committee for CSD means providing opportunity for others to discover all the forms of swing dance and how it can help us unplug from modern life and reconnect with rhythms, melodies and movement. My role in Cambridge Swing Dance as Lindy Hop Secretary is to organise classes, regular socials and workshops for Lindy Hop. 

Lindy Hop Secretary

Hilary Cox


I'll be continuing my role as Shag secretary - come and see me for anything and everything to do with Collegiate or St Louis Shag! I organise the Tuesday Shag College lessons, and any one off workshops. I'll still send out the monthly newsletter, but I'm also taking on the role of tickets and bookings from Paul, so when the time comes, I'll be in charge of the big red "go live" button for CLX and other events. I'll be sharing the role of social secretary with Charlotte and Dorka. We'll be working hard to spread the good dancing word throughout the world, and encouraging other scenes to visit us!

I started dancing in Cambridge at the Big Weekend nearly 5 years ago, finding Shag just a month after starting Lindy Hop and Charleston. I fell very hard, very quickly for those styles, then fell over some more as I discovered Balboa and Blues. I'm slowly expanding into leading as well, but will essentially dance most things when I can! I love to help out, so going on the committee was a pretty natural path for me to take ;)

Shag secretary, bookings co-ordinator, social secretary

Danielle Ainsworth-Patrick