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"Wear your Scene"

Friday Night Dancing


Carolina Reapers

19:30 - Registration & doors open 

@ St. Philip’s Church Centre

The incredible Carolina Reapers



Scavenger Hunt!

12:00 start

Discover little known sights and have an amazing time!

Our scavenger hunt will take place all around central Cambridge using an app to take selfies at each clue location. Each photo adds points to your team total and the highest scoring team wins a unique prize.

Board Games

from 12:00

Board games and Wii games all afternoon. Bring your own or play with our range!

@St. Pauls


12:00 - 13:00

Beginner friendly, please bring your own mat or blocks if you have them)
@St. Pauls



13:15 - 14:45 

What to wear: clothes you can comfortably move in and not expose anything you don't want exposed if upside down. Ideal is T-shirt or vest top with shorts, leggings, jogging bottoms or similar. Please avoid clothes with excessive buttons and zips, and do not wear jewellery. Ideal footwear is trainers or flat dance shoes, but bare feet are also fine.

@St. Pauls

Biscuit Decorating

13:30 - 14:30

@St. Pauls

Bollywood Dance Taster

15:00 - 16:00

featuring the basics of classical Kathak dancing, with footwork, arm gestures and spins, branching into more contemporary styles.

Teacher: Vidya Math (Roshni Margi Dance Company)

@St. Pauls

Themed Dance Night

"Let's Play..."


Carolina Reapers


19:30 Doors and registration open

~20:30 Live music starts

@ St Philip's Church Centre

 Come dressed according to our theme!


Late Night Blues


Tom Colborn

00:15 - Doors open 

1:15 - Live Music starts

@St. Pauls

Bollywood Dance Taster



Sunday Tea Dance


Pocket Basie


12:00 - Doors open

~13:00 - Live music starts

@ Storey's Field Centre

Sunday Pub Dancing


Major Swing 

from 16:30

@ The Old Spring