What is a lindy exchange?

A Lindy Exchange is a gathering organised by a swing dance scene in one city for a weekend to invite people to dance and explore the city together. In Cambridge our exchange is small and friendly; we hope that by the end not only will you be danced out and have eaten a huge pile of cake, but also that you will have made a whole bunch of new friends.

Who can be involved?

Anyone who wants! The exchange is for all swing dancers, wherever you're from, however long you've been dancing for.

What's the theme?

Come and join the Circus at CLX 2022! The Big Top, the acrobats, tightrope walkers, ventriloquists, jugglers, magicians, unicyclists, or even a holographic animal - whatever you fancy! The theme will inspire some of the activities we will plan for the weekend, and also your outfit if you wish to dress up for the Saturday night social. But don't worry if costumes aren't your thing - it's not compulsory!

Can someone host me?

One of the joys of the exchange is meeting new people! "Hosting" is when dancers from out of the city stay with local dancers. If you're local to Cambridge and you've a spare bed, sofa or bit of floor space, why not make a dancer's day by letting them stay with you? If you're looking for hosting or can provide it, please post in the Facebook event.

How do I book?

Bookings opened at 18.00 on the 1st August, and cost £75 per person. 

CLX sold out around the middle of August. If you missed out, keep an eye on the dicussion page on our Facebook event, as people may sell on their tickets up to 24 hours before the event. At the moment, because of the size of the venues we don't anticipate being able to sell tickets for individual nights, sorry!

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for booking conditions, including for transfers and refunds.


CLX would not happen without our wonderful volunteers and we are eternally grateful for them for helping out. If you could lend us a little time over the weekend please tell us on the booking form or if you've already registered, contact us.


Volunteering may involve checking in guests on the door, refilling the hot water urns, decorating the hall or helping us pack down after a full on night of dancing. Unfortunately we cannot give free passes in exchange for doing lots of volunteering; this allows us to keep the costs down for everyone and we would rather lots of people gave an hour or two, rather than have guests working all the time and not having fun dancing!

Where are the venues?

Add our custom Google map for the locations of the venues and nearby bicycle and car parking, or see the links below.

Where can I park my car/bike?

See our Google map for the nearest car parking and bike parking to the venues.

Central Cambridge isn't particularly car friendly but the evening venue has plentiful car parking nearby (see below). There also Park and Ride facilities available to get into the centre. The Voi rental bikes and e-scooters are also pretty plentiful.

For cars:

  • The huge Madingley Road Park and Ride car park is free for up to 18 hours and is a short walk from the Storey's Field Centre (especially if you park at the north east end of the car park where a footpath lets you out towards Eddington). There is also a Park and Ride bus into town.

  • The Queen Anne Terrace multi-storey is the nearest off-street parking to St Paul's church and to Parker's Piece. You can check whether spaces are available.

  • On street parking is available payable by meter, with the Ringo app in town, or with the Redde app in Eddington. It's often free in the evenings, although you are urged to check the signs nearest to the parking space as times can vary, even from one side of the road to the other.

  • The Old Spring has a small car park for customers. If it's full, the streets around Ferry Path may have spaces available and are free on Sundays.

Who are the organisers?

The Cambridge Lindy Exchange is run by Cambridge Swing Dance CIC, a not-for-profit company which is run by volunteers.  Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or problems.

You can also join the Facebook event and ask us any questions on Facebook.